Every room needs an extra throw or two for added décor and practical comfort. Neatly lay this beige throw with pleated ruffle over the back of a piece of furniture to add accent to the room. The soft cotton has a beautiful combination of knit patterns that make it a piece of art. Lay it decoratively across the back of a chair or couch and when getting cold, it will be within reach to wrap up in satisfying comfort.


  • Soft beige will compliment an array of color schemes while the ruffled edges add elegant style
  • Two-fold purpose as it adds decorative accent as well as warmth to any living space
  • Beautifully knit outside frame along with pleated ruffle make this throw special


60"L x 50"W x .25"H

Off-White Cotton Knit Throw with Ruffled Edge

SKU: DF2134